The goal of the WRV School District Health Program is to help all students achieve proficiency in health by developing the skills and knowledge they need to be healthy today and throughout their lives. Our program is skills-based, which means we will learn important health skills and practice these skills as we explore many different health topics.

In the elementary years, students will focus on 3-4 health skills each year. These skills, which make up the National Health Education Standards, will rotate each year and include healthy decision making, communication, analyzing influences on our health, goal setting, accessing valid health information, self-management, and health advocacy. 

As students develop their skills, they will also build a foundation of important health knowledge. During health in elementary school, students can expect to learn about nutrition, stress management, sleep, healthy communication, safety, the immune system, avoiding illness, the nervous system, brain safety, medicines and drugs including alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, the effects of screen time on kids, personal hygiene, and the many changes that take place during puberty. 

Elementary health classes are meant to provide a fun and engaging way for students to begin to value their health. Through a mix of games, activities, short videos, group work, and projects, we will strive to practice healthy behaviors in the classroom and beyond.